Industry: Tobacco/Promotional Products

Location: Robbinsdale, MN

The Situation

CertiFresh Cigar was printing their tobacco labels on a sheet-fed desktop inkjet printer, which they described as “very limiting.” They needed a professional label printer with greater speed and capability that would produce “the ultimate prestigious image” for their clients’ labels, but was also easy to use, and printed roll to roll. The Memjet-Powered Afinia Label L801 industrial label printer allows CertiFresh Cigar to print high-end, personalized cigar labels, which are placed on specialized, humidity-controlled packaging.

Solution Requirements

– Increased speed
– Increased print quality
– Print to rolls

The Memjet-Powered Solution

The Memjet-powered Afinia Label L801 Color Label Printer provided CertiFresh Cigar with everything they needed to improve their labels, and save their business time and money. The L801 increased label printing speed to 60 ft/min, and reduced production time by printing labels roll-to-roll, and ready for application. CertiFresh Cigar continues to save with the printer’s low-cost consumables.

The high-resolution 1600×1600 dpi capability of the L801 has also allowed CertiFresh Cigar to print the vivid, eye-catching labels required for their high-end product. They are now able to choose between tag stock and label stock, rather than be limited to flat stock of a certain size. Mahmood says, “It has taken our business to a new level!”

Return on Investment

“The return on investment is terrific. The time savings alone is incredible, but the savings with the ink is also substantial.”

Customer Statement

The return on investment is terrific. The time savings alone is incredible, but the savings with the ink is also substantial. Our tobacco labels have never looked better …The L801 printer has made an enormous impact on our business, allowing us to print faster and save money. Time is very important to us, and knowing that I can get the labels printed quickly for fast turnaround is amazing. We are in control of our printing now.”– Michele Mahmood, Co-Owner – CertiFresh Cigar

Before/After Memjet

Before : CertiFresh was printing labels on a sheet-fed inkjet printer

After : Now they can easily print to rolls

Before : The print quality was not up to their clients’ brand standards

After : “The L801 printer has enabled us to… create the ultimate prestigious image we’ve been wanting to give our clients with our product”

Before : Labels were limited to being printed on sheet stock

After : CertiFresh uses the L801 to print on tag stock and label stock. “It has just changed everything”

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