Industry: Cannabis

Location: Placitas, NM

The Situation

Budder Pros was outsourcing their marijuana labels printing and were carrying a $20,000 pre-printed label inventory. They wanted to gain more dispensary clients and knew that if they “upped their game” they would have a more professional product appearance. Also, they wanted to make things easier for their existing dispensary clients by combining patient, dispensary, product, and batch numbers on a single label.

Solution Requirements

– Bring label printing in-house
– Use variable data to reduce the number of labels for each prescription
– Increase the professionalism of their products

The Memjet-Powered Solution

Budder Pros chose the L801 professional label printer because it outperformed the printer that they had used at a previous company. It also allowed them to quickly bring new products and flavors to market by printing their labels in-house. In addition, as governmental regulations and labeling requirements change, Budder Pros can become compliant without waiting for a third-party to print their labels. They can also “test market” new products by printing only the amount of marijuana labels that they need, when they need them.

Return on Investment

Eliminated $20,000 of pre-printed label inventory and potential waste, due to obsolete labels.

Customer Statement

“We love the Afinia Label printer. It functions 20 million times better at printing marijuana labels than the one that I used at my previous job.”– Trevor Newburn, Owner — Budder Pros

Before/After Memjet

Before : Budder Pros was outsourcing their label printing

After : Labels are now printed in-house

Before : Multiple labels were placed on every product

After : A single label contains the dispensary branding, product, and patient information

Before : Budder Pros was getting complaints from their clients about the quality of their label

After : They have gotten three new medical marijuana dispensary customers due to the high quality of their labels

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